Monday, March 24, 2008

Garage Sale

So we had our garage sale fundraiser on March 8th thinking this would be the very best time to have one. Spring is in full bloom, it has been in the low 70's, should be perfect. We wake up Sat morning to SNOW...yes snow in March in Alabama!!! Go figure. We rarely get snow ever and it just so happens on my garage sale day.

My other issue is that I cracked my ankle bone the week before and am in a boot to my shin. No kidding. Someone said that God might be trying to tell me to slow down. My reply...."He knows I have a garage sale to raise money for the adoption HE called us to, so I can't slow down right now." So, some of my best friends have been coming over at all hours of the day/night to help me sort and price. Thank you God for sending them to me.

We have been collecting donations from family and friends for months...literally, since October. My basement is so full that I can barely get into it to park my car. By the middle of the week of the garage sale I couldn't get into it at all...we are over flowing with goodies to sale.

So back to Sat morning. Thomas wakes me up, we look out the window and see the snow and I promptly say, "I am going back to bed!" Then I forget the we have the Roberts coming over to help sale and I make myself get up. Once they arrive we all decided that we will just go ahead and finish pricing and setting up then they can go home. We will just have it the next week. While we are pricing I pray that even though it has snowed, please Lord just wake people up and send them to my house. Please!!!

We never put the signs out, snow has covered all the cars and ground and the garage doors are closed, BUT at 8:15 am people start showing up in droves. It was amazing!! People just kept coming and coming and buying and buying. We ended up selling right at $1000 and we still have about 2/3 left of our stuff. Crazy! So God, we give you ALL the glory and praise for providing once again for our adoption funds.

The next Sat we have Garage Sale Part 2 . This time it rained and rained and rained some more. But once again, God sent us some more people. We sold $600 that day.

Our total....$1600 after expenses (ads, signage, etc.).

We have so many items left that our friends, the Maxwell's, are getting everything for a sale in May for their adoption funds for a little girl in China. Will let you know the date so you all can go and spend some more $$ there :)

Thank you all who so graciously helped us! Words aren't enough for the appreciation we have for you. Also, thank you all who came and bought things. Your money is going to one of the most precious gifts we will ever receive.