Friday, February 29, 2008


I officially got my FBI fingerprint approval letter today. Thank you LORD!
I turned it in, what 5 months ago and Thomas had his back in lightening fast time, me it was not to be. BUT, I now have it in my hand and what a blessing to be 1 step closer to finalizing our homestudy.
So, thank you all who have been praying and those of you who have called the higher ups that I don't have contact with in the FBI. It all worked, in HIS timing, of course. The next step is to finalize our homestudy and make sure everything in it is correct and also wait on an appointment with CIS for, yes, dare I say, more fingerprinting. This time I will know that I need to inform them that I don't fingerprint very well. Could come in handy one of these days...hehehe....just kidding, don't freak out because I said that.
Till next time.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mommy's 29th Birthday...snicker

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Better late than never, I say

"I really didn't sneeze on that one cookie"

Feeding my new baby while wearing my new shoes and helmet
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Christmas Pictures I never posted :)

Chloe, Sierra, Haley, Caroline and Campbell
Nana and Grandy with the grandGIRLS

Preparing cookies with daddy for Santa and the reindeer
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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fundraising Yard Sale

Fundraising Yard Sale
March 1st we are scheduled to have a huge yard sale to raise money for our adoption fees. We have had so many items donated that it is a little overwhelming. Our basement is overflowing with wooden display units, a washing machine, furniture, lawn mower, computers and monitors, sporting equipment, toys, just goes on and on. Our faith family has been so encouraging to us and even people that we haven't met but are still wanting to help raise money for us. God is truly showing us how He is providing for this adoption.
I got an email from a friend yesterday that said they had so much stuff at their house for the yard sale that they just decided to have their own yard sale and donate the proceeds to us. WOW! That truly brought me to my knees. If some of you have never had a yard sale, then you don't know all the work that goes into having one. Collecting all the 'stuff', organizing it, pricing each item, putting ads in the newspaper, putting signs out every where the night before the event, getting up at the crack of dawn and moving everything outside while people are trying to go through everything. It really is a lot of work and for someone to say that are willing to do all that for us is hard to take in. But it makes me realize that my Heavenly Father loves us so much more than that and goes to so much more effort for us.
Also, I am now cleaning houses to raise money for the adoption. I had my first 'job' Monday and it wore me out. But I enjoyed it and put the check on my fridge so that I could look at it all week.
A little closer to our goal :)
Please continue to pray that my prints come back soon. Yes, that means we are still waiting on them. It seems that the FBI are backed up.
Love you all.