Saturday, January 03, 2009

I wanted to share with all of you the wonderful birthday present my mom gave to me this year. The necklace was made for me and is the shape of Africa with a heart cut out. also it has Samuel and Noah's names on it. This is one of my most precious material gifts that I own right now. Every time I feel it or see it I am reminded again of how blessed I am to be given to baby boys.
Thomas and the girls gave me this shirt for Christmas. He actually designed the whole thing and had it printed. Our adoption agency's logo is on the back and it looks wonderful. I love wearing it and pray to have them both home soon.
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HollyAnn said...

I LOVE the shirt! He did GOOD!!! And you know I love the necklace! I wear mine proudly and think of all our families' children when I see it or feel it!