Monday, December 29, 2008

New Pictureof Samuel

I was thrilled to get to see new pictures of our babies right before Christmas. The girls and I had bought some clothes and toys to send to them with our Director. The 18month outfit we bought Samuel is huge on him. He seems to be so small. Also, Thomas and the girls gave me a wonderful gift for my birthday...they sent money so that the boys could have a crib in Liberia. HollyAnn was kind enough to snap a few shots of Noah in his crib. Now my baby has a safe place to lay his little sweet head at night. So here are some of the pictures of them.

When the girls pray at night and before their naps, they NEVER fail to pray for Samuel and Noah. It used to be that they would say the pray that is our standard for our family..."dear Jesus, thank you for today, thank you for Mommy, Daddy, Campbell and Caroline...thank you for your Son that you sent to save us from our sins" then they are able to pray to Jesus how they want and would usually pray that He would keep SAmuel and Noah safe and healthy. Now they pray as normal, but after "Mommy, Daddy, Campbell, Caroline..they add Samuel and Noah and thank you for your Son that You sent" It is almost like they finally realize that they are really truly going to be part of our family forever and it is so precious.

Thank my sweet Saviour for my family and for my soon to be larger family. Thank you for giving us sons. I started thinking about how God must have felt when He sent His only begotten Son to us and was apart from Him for 33 years. I ache inside for my boys that I have never even met and it has only been almost 2 months. For God to have sent Him to bear the weight of our sin on His shoulders...He truly is most gracious Father to us all.

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HollyAnn said...

He is tiny! I don't know if I ever told you, but he is in about 12 month size clothes...that will give you some reference! He spent lots of time right there on that bed with me while I was there! I didn't see that much of Noah because he slept a lot! But I loved his smile every time I did get my hands on him! :)